1999 Ford F-250 Questions

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Voltage drops to 12.8 vdc and the idle increases to compensate. When this happens the battery light comes on. Any suggestions?

Truck won't start now

I changed all O2 sensors, and EGR valve about 9 months ago before finding a vacuum leak. CAT is not rattling. Any ideas?

its destroying every

gauge indicates normal yet under the hood everything is so hot i cant touch anything

could it be because its originally a bi-fuel (cng) state vehicle from clark county and part of the system was removed thats how i bought it

the gas gauge reads full to three quarters of a tank and its empty.

heater core leaks on floorboard. how to replace it

For the second time this year, the gas gauge in my truck has been stuck on 1/4 tank for the past three days. I drive 10-15 miles a day and it hasn't budged.

Would someone please explain how this happens? Is it the quality of diesel? Number of miles I'm driving? Or?? Also, what it is I need to tell diesel mechanic so this doesn't become a 2x or more per year fix? Could this be an easy fix I can do myself?

How do I replace the shifting tube for my ford truck?

have had antifreeze smell since bought truck. Previous owner had heater core replaced thinking that was the problem. Truck had headgasket leak....long story short, new long block, still smell antifreeze. Any thoughts?

tranny mount squeaks when stepping on gas because the metal part of the tranny mount is rubbung on the crossmemeber(confirmed by both ford and tranny shop) and both say "that's just the way it is." Is this infact the case or am I right in thinking new mount? Also, have drive line vibs...can mount cause this as well? Lastly, what are the pinion angles suppose to be on rear drive shaft because my truck doesn't appear to have any.