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Caused fuel,temp,oil,volt,and tach,and wait to start light to quit working. Where to look for problem
Master cylinder and brake booster are new and there is no apparent vacuum leak.
seems to only happen when it rains or real damp weather but after during it starts right back up
My oil pressure gauge has quit working properly. It shows low or no pressure when I am sure the engine is fine. I did check today while looking for a sending unit or direct line to the oil pressure gauge which sudden...
The truck is in good shape overall, but the dealership said it would cost $800 just for changing the spark clubs, which seems steep. Just need it to pass an emissions test to register it.
engine runs just fine, until I put a load on. Then it starts bucking n missing until about 2000 rpm
When I press on the brake peddle the brakes grab and the-y wont return up without putting my foot under the peddle
In my f250 1997 model power stroke extended cab, in the middle under the back seat I have several wires that have been cut. They are about 3mm thick wires. They are in a woven stainless braid. They seam to be factory ...
Alternator tested good, battery tested good, and all fuses tested good... whats my problem?
example I was in a parking lot creep-in, i gave a little gas,and she was what seems like misfire. shaking,loss of power. thought was water in line. happens on and off. this truck is powerful. and I'm almost done bug-i...
computer is showing codes 114 n 116 i replaced them but its still showing up also its saying higher or lower voltage than expected than code 636 is saying voltage above normal would that not let me have spark oh yes i...
my 96 f-250 that shows in detail how to approach owner replacement of the timing chain, sprockets and tells me anything I need to know in addition to the lame information that chiltons and haynes has in their books.
At idal or giving gas rpm will surge
Started truck to let it warm up. Came out and truck was no longer running. I checked fuel good. Checked spark. And nothing. So I replaced coil. Still no spark. I checked and I have power to coil but no spark. Why?
fuse all good indicator lamps work with ignition in on position
there is no reverse or neautral just bought truck don't know other than trans filter has been replaced hoping could be linkage adjustment or ext component to tranny.As soon as you shift from park to any position it is...
You push the switch in a little, the fronts goes out and the rears come on. I have tried two new switches. nothing
I have new tires, new radiator, new battery, new starter, and other parts I know are valuable. Should I place an add in craigslist, or??? Heart is broken! I love my truck, but I am being told at least $3000 to fix!
all fuses ok brake pedal switch good it was hooked to trailer when it happend
When i turn left, everything is OK. When I turn towards the right, it's very hard to turn (2 hands). I checked my ps fluid, the cap was off (not a snug fit?). I added fluid, drove a few miles still same problem. I loo...