sometim the engine keeps runninges when i turn swtich off qnd somtim the start light does not come on

I replace the water pump radiator hoses thermostat housing thermostat no more leaks but it still overheats within 10 minutes of driving

I have a 1978 Ford F250 351M. I need to know if I have all the right parts on the engine for passing smog.

All the oil in my 1993 Ford f250 7.3 diesel ran out in a huge puddle. What could it possibly be? Husband thinks its either the engine oil cooler or the filter but isn't sure

Voltage drops to 12.8 vdc and the idle increases to compensate. When this happens the battery light comes on. Any suggestions?

Happens more than not. Have to almost come to a stop to regain control

Will my 1981 F100 Custom front Fenders,Hood, Grill,head lights all fit onto the 1988 F250 Custom? By looking at it all bolts look like they would line up but can't find any question like this online. Also the cab rear window, is that interchangeable with the F100s window? Going to replace doors on 250 from the 100 but I know those are going to switch over easy. (Both are 2WD)

There is now a slight humming as the engine runs. The squeal began without any indication that something was wrong. I have been using the cruise control traveling back and forth from Medford to Hornbrook for the last week. Serp belts look fine.

It worked fine for about a month now it don't. Please help.

when i try to re-crank it acts as if it is still running, finally will do nothing but not turn over as if it isnt getting fuel but after 20 to 30 minutes sitting it restarts without a hitch. What could the problem be?

1990 7.5L randomly shuts off while driving. If I let it set for a few minutes, it will fire right up and drive home. Usually, if I try to restart it right away, it just turns over and doesn't start, or briefly starts and immediately shuts off. I've replaced distributor cap, MAP sensor, fuel filter, and rotary button. Just ordered the infamous ignition control module to try it. Any other suggestions?

replaced EGR vale,tube and sensor,idle air control,throttle position sensor,vaccum solenoid,fuel pressure regulator,full tune up. will run when feathering the throttle, out of ideas

I'm looking at purchasing a 1992 f250 xlt 7.5l with 143,000 miles on it, the tranny has been rebuilt once to my knowledge. I've heard and read that the 92 to 94 trannys had issues about slipping, and so on. Was wondering if this is a truck to kind of shy away from or if itd still be a good truck. its been really well taken care of. Thank you!

97 F250 7.3, 85K, at start up amp gauge registers 1/4 after a few minutes it goes to just above 1/2, replaced batteries & alternator, symptom persists..what's wrong ?

Ive put all tune up parts,then fuel filter,now vaccuum lines. Truck refuses to stay running

Screeching noise. Does anyone know what this is??? And how much it would take to fix

Front drivers side caliper stuck and wore the rotor to the cooling fins. Obviously overheated. Are the wheel bearings bad?

i notice this in overdrive only and the rpm increase a little is this normal?

Put additive in put no help. Sometime it goes and other not could it be a pluged filter. I would guess the oil gets like the gas when it sits. I had to replace the gas filter make a world of difference on the motor running

Truck won't start now

over light is coming on, trans was rebuilt,and its draining my battery's. its a diesel.

truck seems to hesitate when I go from tank to tank, it is okay at idle, tries to shut down when I try to accelerate gas.