97 F250 7.3, 85K, at start up amp gauge registers 1/4 after a few minutes it goes to just above 1/2, replaced batteries & alternator, symptom persists..what's wrong ?

i notice this in overdrive only and the rpm increase a little is this normal?

over light is coming on, trans was rebuilt,and its draining my battery's. its a diesel.

truck seems to hesitate when I go from tank to tank, it is okay at idle, tries to shut down when I try to accelerate gas.

and the truck wants to stall its an automatic.

I put new batteries, new starter, new slave cylinder, and new injectors, and the motor & everything that needs to turn for the truck to start; turns just fine by hand only, please any thoughts are welcome.

Please call if you know for sure what the problem is. I need my truck for work tomorrow please help.

seems to only happen when it rains or real damp weather but after during it starts right back up

The truck is in good shape overall, but the dealership said it would cost $800 just for changing the spark clubs, which seems steep. Just need it to pass an emissions test to register it.

In my f250 1997 model power stroke extended cab, in the middle under the back seat I have several wires that have been cut. They are about 3mm thick wires. They are in a woven stainless braid. They seam to be factory wires. Can anyone tell me what they are please.