Happens more than not. Have to almost come to a stop to regain control

when i try to re-crank it acts as if it is still running, finally will do nothing but not turn over as if it isnt getting fuel but after 20 to 30 minutes sitting it restarts without a hitch. What could the problem be?

Front drivers side caliper stuck and wore the rotor to the cooling fins. Obviously overheated. Are the wheel bearings bad?

Master cylinder and brake booster are new and there is no apparent vacuum leak.

example I was in a parking lot creep-in, i gave a little gas,and she was what seems like misfire. shaking,loss of power. thought was water in line. happens on and off. this truck is powerful. and I'm almost done bug-in her out. do you know what this is? I run synthetic mobile one oil. she does not burn oil.

my 96 f-250 that shows in detail how to approach owner replacement of the timing chain, sprockets and tells me anything I need to know in addition to the lame information that chiltons and haynes has in their books.

cool run damn good but middle of day runs like miss fire or fighting to get power & jerks while pushing the gas all the way down. The only codes that show up are (172) & (327) i need my f250 or I"ll be unable to keep a smile on my wife"s face , So please reply A,S,A,P , THX !!!!!!!!!

Truck runs good but when it is hot out it stops and wont start runs good at night when its cooler


It is not letting me submit

somewhere in driveline.could hear it better cruising at like 35 mph.very low geared,but changed the ujoint now its worse.there is a little play where the ujoint fits into the back of the tranny????a bearing????

I have replaced Plugs, Wires, Cap, Button, Air Filter. Removed inspected and replaced Catalytic Converter. Repaired one vacuum leak. Motor starts and idles fine. When taking off Slow it does great. As soon as you try to put the gas down to take off or to pass another vehicle it will accelerate high but goes nowhere. Feels like it is choking and wanting to go but is being held back and restricted. I am not getting any lights flashing in dash and no check engine light. All gauges are reading normal.