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You push the switch in a little, the fronts goes out and the rears come on. I have tried two new switches. nothing
In order to get home tonight i had to pull over and get 4 separate jumps on a 8 mile drive. It would drive fine till all the lights inside would start to dim, then die as im driving. .any thoughts?
feels like no pwer assist to right.Very hard to steer.
loss of power while driving seems to be missing out....
The fork that engages the throw out bearing/clutch fell out of a truck I just bought. It has hydraulic assist. How do I put it back then find and adjust the linkage so it will stay?
Haven't had too much trouble with it just need to know how to take it apart and what might be the cause
2 of 3 bulbs that illuminate the guages, speedometer, and tach are out. I bought the 3 bulbs at Ford. I'm tearing the dash apart and I can't find these bulbs. Where are they?
how do i go about replacing it once i drop trans and all that?
transmission leaking from bell housing area. why or how do i repair?
i have a 94 f250.7.5....randomly acts like it is flooding outat highway speeds,i can smell gas when it does it, the truck has a manual transmission therefore the second it starts flooding down ,i can rock the key to o...
I just got a 1994 Ford F-250. It has an aftermarket Viper security system. When ever I turn the lights on and OFF again, the parking lights stay on. This happens regardless if the security system is enabled or not....
truck runs for a couple of miles till warmed up, then idle kicks up to about 2100rpm, and won't kick down. Turn truck off then back on, it runs normal. I have cleaned throttle body, replaced idle air control valve.
the odometer no see number y spedometer no funtion