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Caused fuel,temp,oil,volt,and tach,and wait to start light to quit working. Where to look for problem
be,replaced while the steering box is still on the truck frame.?all works well but the truck is leaking from,the bottom seal, where the steering arms bolt too steering box behind large nut thanks hopefull lol
I had a speed sensor code and after changing vss on rear diff things got worse Now I have abs light on, no speedo and code Went back to old sensor still abs light but speedo can back but erratic still code C...
Have a leak coming from the seal on the steering box.
changed motor,switch,module and nothing seemed to correct the problem. The wipers use to work properly but just started doing that several months ago. I don't know where to go from here. Anything that you can help me ...
this engine has two lower hoses one of them is about 4 inchs long and i can't get the new one installed because it is so tight of a fit
I need a part # and price, and where I can buy one.. my truck needs one and I cant find it anywhere...HELP!!!!!
my truck was experiencing transmission problems and rough shifting it is an automatic. had it so called repaired by a trans . shop and they told me it was electrical and that they dont repair that. I thought that when...
I need information, preferably with a video, on how to remove and replace the timing chain for this vehicle. Thanks for your help.
i need help and instructions on instillation of injectors on a 1993 non turbo 7.3 diesel
this is a 1993 7.3 non turbo diesel engine