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engine runs just fine, until I put a load on. Then it starts bucking n missing until about 2000 rpm
When I press on the brake peddle the brakes grab and the-y wont return up without putting my foot under the peddle
At idal or giving gas rpm will surge
The rear fuel tank is leaking from the top front of the tank and the rear tank does not work when you switch to it. This problem happens all the time
in a const. zone stuck behind a semi made it up hill died soon after will crank but wont start checked all fluid levels towed home still wont start
oil gauge fluxuate from high o low when driving
replaced master cylinder and thats when brakes started not releasing. bled brakes twice. Back drums are solid and wont move at all to come off but will turn.
This is a 7.3 lts International engine with a O.D automatic transmission , truck does not shift to 3dr and O.D. Transmission has been change by a guy a year ago and its not shifting. I suspect some vacum lines and ele...
I have a 1990 F-250 4x4 7.3l diesel with E4OD tranny. Transmission no longer shifts into overdrive. Anti-lock rear brake light turned on the same time the tranny failed. Could this be related to the PCM? Transmiss...
I would also like to have some instructions. I assume that this is whats causing the front end to shake so bad that it almost it feels like the truck will fall apart. All the tie rods and tie rod ends, ball joints (up...
replaced 1 yr plugs with 5000 miles, is getting fire and fuel which prtessure is fine, exhaust is not plugged, no timeing chain problem. was flooded to the degree that some fuel got in my oil which i let drain thoroug...
I've got number 1 piston to the top, distributor arm is at number one spark plug, but the timing mark is still off. Engine is lacking power (too retarded). Any suggestions?