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My power in the back and the 12v socket wont work I think its a fuse blown but cant find which fuse it is
On Thursday it said check fuel fill inlet and it went away, but on Friday my check engine light came on and it idles roughly and is much louder than before. When I get to a stop sign it jerks when you slowly roll up t...
When the AC is turned on, my 2010 F150 blows hot air into driver side compartment but cold air into the passenger side compartment. The Driver's side air is really hot. The first time it happened, I stopped and turne...
I have a sealed green tube shaped like a cup no wires going to it mounted to my exhaust on the passenger side does anyone know what it is
I have a sealed green cup shaped tube mounted to my exhaust on passenger side no wires or anything
My husband have a 2010 F-150 we had to replace the fuel pump which is inside the tank the wires on it was burned up it would only cut off once it get a little below a half a tank of gas now after the fuel pump was rep...
I noticed the other day when I am coming off the interstate onto the off ramp and apply the brake the rear end bounces quit a bit.
When i get to 40 mph I get a hum/whine coming from under the truck behind the seats. If i let off the gas it stops, when I give it gas it appears again. Thinking fuel pump but really dont know.
I had my truck running for two minutes when I smelled something burning. I realized the A/C wasn't working and opened the hood. saw the compressor working fine. Got back inside, shut off the A/C system and saw smoke c...
I have had a formal diagnostic done by a local Ford dealership only to be informed that I need to replace the EVAP canister as well as the EVAP management valve.
the button wont push down but all the other windows work fine
where is the fuel located in the truck ?