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Codes P0171 & 0174 Lean Banks 1&2, indicating vacuum leak. Changed all appropriate hoses/lines, fuel filter, air filter, Pcv and harness, changed oil, filter,changed fuel filter which was dirty but not clogged, no le...
What is the price for a hydraulic system repair. What does it mean when when the light stays on. Please only honest answers. Iv'e already been taken for 700.00. I am disabled and can't afford these rip offs. Please h...
It stayed on inside the panel of the truck. The mechanic's said they had to replace the master cylinder. Well that wasn't the problem, 700.00 later. I know a few things about trucks and believe me I no when the master...
i found out that it was most likely the ecu so i had it repaired and installed the new one but the brakes are still locked. do i have to bleed the lines to release the brake pads....not sure what to do?
Im broke n tryn to get on d road, wat is my cheapest way to repair fuel pump
Test shows number 3 coil bad. Replaced coil. Ran for about 600 miles ok Then gave same problem, but number 4 coil was bad. Number 4 coil replaced , this time the problem was not fixed. Plugs were replaced as well.
When you turn on the 4x4 it stops. when you excelerate it gets louder
What are my recalls??
I watched a lot of videos but everone else's is different my EGR is so small compared to theirs.
But when I adjust the battery cable the interior lite comes back on and my fuel pump kicks on
I added power brakes to my '41 Ford truck and with the engine running, there is a vacuum leak at the pedal rod. Moving the brake pedal stops the leak for a few seconds and then it returns. Do I have the pedal adjust...
After driving it it will not crank up until cold and now having problems cranking at all
engine will run smooth, then after a mile so it be shaking like its going to cut off, then it will jump back and run smooth. The power is fine once you accelerate, but when you're at a light, it will start shaking ag...
It's hard to put into park. Then the trucks wants to roll backwards
no drive i turned truck off wont start no fluids off or dirty but no running gears like inbetween
My power in the back and the 12v socket wont work I think its a fuse blown but cant find which fuse it is