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Works great half the time. Turn engine on and fan works half the time. Other times it does not run. Any thought?

2012 f150 5.0l

Battery light came on when driving. Turned the truck off, it would turn over but no crank. Tested battery, battery is new and is fine. Truck would not start with a jump. Checked all fuses and they were fine. I sprayed a squirt of starting fluid into the throttle body and got it to start and run for an hour and a half until i turned it off. After turning it off it went back to turning over with no crank.

took off and replaced the fuel pump control module. Truck still wont turn over.

Took off the fuel line to the fuel rails. When trying to start the truck no fuel is coming out.

Bought a new fuel pump but haven't installed it because the fact that the battery light came on is throwing me for a loop. Any suggestions?

Truck needed a new computer so mechanic put in a used one and couldn't program it/re-key it(?). So it set in his yard while he tried to find someone to re-key it. During this time, mice ate any wiring they could. Mechanic never found someone to re-key truck and couldnt get truck started to make sure new (old) computer is working. Had it towed to a dealership. Was told it would cost more to re-wire it then its worth. It's now sitting in my front yard. Could I rewire it myself? I'm not a mechanic, have never worked on vehicles but just wondering... how much would re-wiring it cost? (If I could find anyone to do it!) Thanks for any advice or help

no miss fires while monitoring. plugs are new plugs showed sign of excessive fuel.

Also what are the size of the pipes that the catalytic converter connects to.


load..try and start the truck again and it starts and runs fine until you start back down the street...go a little ways and there it does it again... now i have checked the fuel pump and cleaned the gas tank, put new soark plugs and distributer and rotor but getting same results..also tryed to clean the intake the best i could with throttel body cleaner...

ses light is on and I changed MAF sensor about a year ago

And for how long?

It's getting fire with switch on to coil about 12.25 volts still no sparks with brand new distributor and coil wore and spark plugs?

This problem didn't exist until I replaced the timing chain, when it feels like I hit the brake the engine continues to run fine

There has been a loud rattling noise for awhile now, very odd sounding. A buddy told me it was the heat shield rattling around and to just remove it. Not positive he's right but if he is, is there any reason I couldn't just remove it? At least until I can replace it.

relay #2 is making a clicking sound i press the brake the sound stops 'but it still won't start

I need exhaust system for our trucj

it;s in the rear end

I am not sure if I am posting in correct place. My husband has a 2003 Ford F-150 with a 4.6 L V8 that has many problems. 1. The Service Engine light comes on. 2. The engine starts missing. 3. The Temperature Gauge goes to hot. 4. Oil light comes on. 5. He put a tester on it and it reads that the #1 Cylinder Misfire Code comes up.
What he has repaired so far: 1. Replaced the PCM. 2. Replaced all plugs & all coils. 3. Checked all fuses.
It is still doing this. What is causing this problem?

I really cant aford to replace cat what else could it be to pass smog test and reset check eng. Light

I was wanting to know if it could be something besides cay

only get up to 2000 rpm with it floored and in park and engine want stay running what are some suggestions did a smog test and no visible vac leak at intake.

My question is,will this catalytic converter leak cause the engine to knock/click? There is no codes,and the truck runs fairly good,thank you in advance.

had alternator repaired and replaced-factory unit

when convert a/c from a12 to r134 do the oil and reon amounts stay the same

almost on the floor. What can I do?

It also stalls occasionally when idling. Is it likely the crankshaft position sensor or might it be something else?

I've recently had the ignition and carb serviced.

occurs when truck warms up

1984 ford f150 302 - 5.0 liter engine. Please tell me how to replace the distributor cap adapter. I"ve changed the distributor cap and rotor button before. Is this task just as simple? Is there a you tube link someone can send me please? thanks..

one of the codes reads poo21 intake camshaft position timing over advanced (bank2) how to fix problem. The other code reads po340 camshaft position sensor A circuit (bank 1) what needs to be done to fix problem

Truck stalls but after I wait a while it starts back up

This truck has over 300k miles on it, however I'm a 15 year old and getting this truck for free from my dad. The car engine broke down not too long ago, but my dads promise is that he will be getting the same engine it came with and brand new tires that it has. Brand brand new. Not used. So with that, would there be anything else that I would have to be worried about? There is a lot of rust on the bottom by the tire and the tire shroud thing. And some small parts in other area. Small parts I'm going to pay out of pocket to fix. The bigger parts of rust.. is probably going to cost too much. The inside of the truck, is all well kept except the driver seat has ripped. And some lights are broken. (Mirror turning light, inside top light) Thanks so much for helping me!