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Have no heat blender stuck won't allow heat into the cab. STANDARD DASH NO EXTRAS
I diagnosed the mount so I took it off and searched for the parts so I called all shops no one has the part so I called dealer and that's a special orderso I installed it back and now I don't know how to price the job
Want to tap it to install a gauge on the dash. This is a -3 Eng.
I pushed the pedal ajust rocker switch and nothing moved
This is a Ford F150 with two wheel drive. When applying brakes a slight clunk is heard. If released slightly, there is a chattering as if the brakes are not working right. Also hear the noise when driving at low spee...
the problem occurs mostly on rainy damp days the dealer said it was code 0442
I have no A/C on driver side, passenger side has A/C
the diagnostic warning display is non-stop. it doesnt say which tire, and all of the tires, including the spare have good pressure, yet the warning light display has a constant display, saying "TIRE PRESSURE SENSOR FA...
Where is the canister vent valve located and what does it look like on a 2009 Ford F150 truck?
I have had issues with my truch starting at different frequencys, this happend a couple times over last weekend, also I can see corrosin around the terminals and have had to fill with water. The dealership said they ...
I own a 2009 ford f150 fx4. I have changed oil and rotated tires on schedule. What detailed service should I be doing at 30.000?(I'm actually at 35.000) How much should I pay at a dealership? How much should I pay...
when i turn the truck on and it stays on skid control-
Where is the cabin air filter located and how do I change it?