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have replace all spark plugs and coils.problem started after power washing.have check all coils at idle by unplugging connection to coil one at a time all make engine run rough when unpluged
Code: cylinder misfires at random, why? 1.) Fuel filter has been changed. 2.) New Spark Plugs (properly gaged) and new wires. 3.) New air filter, oil filter and oil change. 4.) Replaced both ignition coils. ...
Replaced hubs and half shafts at same time they where sheared gone. But when I replaced it I still got this grinding sound up front and 4x4 you can hear it lock in but no out put up front front tires aren't getting an...
It doesn't do it all the time, just every once in a while. it will jerk a couple of times when I accelerate from going a steady speed, then smooth out and run fine.
I've checked all the fuses that are colored.
Running rough and engine trans fault wrench and flashing overdrive light
I have new plugs and boots, I did not change coils. I bought a new coil for that cylinder, but the jerky misfire is still there