Fuel pump not working properly

No power at selector switch

How do i check the fuel rail pressure ?

Is there a way to test the blend door actuater to verify that it's working properly

What about the crankshaft sensor?

My son thinks there are just one.

Transmission felt like it was engaged, but engine would not rev past an idle. Turned engine off, waited 2 min. and restarted. Everything was fine . Ran like normal ?

a friend said to not worry about it that its only the module thats messed up he could take it off and just clean it.. is there a safe fix i can do. or should i just take it in.

Occurred once in february 2016-no codes showing; occurred again in September 2016; shop says codes are leaning toward throttle body replacement and computer update? Saw that 2011 model was recalled for this issue

have 8amp draw kills battery have pullsd sll fuses relays radio headlight switch ele defrost heater controls hot wire battery to alternator no luck truck will start with hot battery takes 4to5 hrs to die

haye 8amp draw pulled evey fuse&relay pulled radio& headlight switch still have same draw

I detect a sound from rear end while driving over 20 MPH but more pronounced while cornering.

my truck now vibrates,shakes,hops and shimmys whenever I apply my breaks at speads over 30 mph CAN SOME ONE HELP THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I PERSONALY HAVE HAD THIS ISSUE PLEASE HELP !!!!!!! IT IS MY DAILY DRIVER THANK YOU !

el ford f150 tiene un golpe de viela y daño el cigueñal ,que puedo hacer ?se puede arreglar o tengo que cambiar el motor del camion?

started happening while I was driving home on expressway it was raining to make it stop I had to pull fuse