as the wheel rotates, there is an intermittent grinding or scratching noise. I've had the wheel off, pads are good, i thought a possible trapped stone. Can not be heard with wheel off the ground. I have not taken the pads off. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Also, my brights won't go off no matter how much I push or pull on the paddle. They won't reset after the truck has been turned off. I suspect the two issues are connected. Anyone else have this problem?

Well yup I have to fix it. What. Is best have the tranny shop rebuild it and 1 year warranty or one from ford with a 3 year warranty. Difference in price is $800.

Trying to locate the temperature coolant sensor on a 2004 F 150

the noise remains constant and follows the RPM of the engine - for example during acceleration. Again seems like a noisy alternator but there is no loss of power, etc.

In March I had the plug replaced by a mechanic. It had approx. 60,000 miles. Recently we took a trip upstate. The truck ran fine all the way. But when we started back it started to misfire and loose power when going up hills. Finally the engine light came on. Took it back to the mechanic and it showed a misfire on cylinder 7, replaced the plug which had a crack. Took it out on the road and it stared to miss again. It happens in overdrive and when the engine is put under load at around 2000 rpms or 65 to 70 mph. This time it did not set a code. I'm looking for a direction to go in order to solve this issue.

my truck runs rough at idle when warm low rpm changed plugs and all coils,runs good while driving but hesitates bad under load ,It has no check engine light on and never has good oil pressure,have ran injector cleaner,i have 115059 miles on it, sometimes it will shutdown in drive at idle but fires back up rpm is 500 to 550 after warm up

My 2004 F-150 is making a gurgling sound when i turn a corner or accelerate. You can easily hear water running thru the dash area. It is not loosing fluid at any measurable rate (if at all), and does not run hot. However, I can smell anti-freeze in the cab. Also, the defrost only works on passenger side. Any suggestions? Is this something I should take to a general mechanic? or to an Auto-Air type specialist?

replaced converter replaced now dealerships want me to replace o2 sensor. When they put it on the computer it only shows that there is an issue with the conveter.

Ive replaced the spark plugs coil packs

Reverse is fine . Can't go into drive without going into 1 and 2 first . And then drive is fine . But when I slow down or stop . Tranny shirts itself and drive doesn't work . So I have to go back into 1 and 2 and then drive again . Just rebuilt tranny and thought problem would go away . But it's back

I have a Superchip installed. I was in Fla last week and changed the program and then drove 368 miles. I went last Thursday to get it inspected and had no codes and it said not ready. I have driven off and on for a week and went today to have rechecked. It said two of the test were still
not ready. What to do?