Above the windshield before the sunglasses compartment is a button that says select and a window. This does not light up. Owners manual says it displays outside temp and compass direction

It already has a new master cylinder and the brakes were just bled

Washer also doesn't work. What else could be wrong?

Need to know the spark plug gap using autolite 5144 copper plugs

Truck won't start. Just clicks. New starter relay switch didn't help. What else could it be?

Everytime I step on my brakes my parking lights go on my dashboard and radio go's low

And inside the truck the radio and mileage light goes off

After installing new plugs/wires I still have a rough running engine. I've checked everything and all installation looks correct.

I'm wondering about disconnecting the battery to see if it helps to reset things.

What are the downsides of doing the disconnect ?

I'm using the sp-504 spark plugs. They come preset at .044.

The service manual says use .054, but refers to an extinct plug agsf-34EE .

Which gap should I use, .044 or .054 ?

Why does it howl til the gas is pressed i put hand in front of housing opening when howling and the howl goes away what causes this problem and how do you fix it

have about 2 inches of clearance between spline end of pittman arm and the frame.

Put a new starter solenoid and battery turns over then stops. Wait a few minutes and does same thing.

i had some catalytic converter replacement done years ago, I can't even remember when or by who? I have never had any problems and have passed many smog tests since. But I just went in and the kid at the test center did not pass because the cat#s are different than original #? What can I do? I have 212000 miles on this truck and still runs great! Any suggestions on how to get passed w/o dropping a bunch of $?