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Can I clear the code or will the service engine soon light come on every time I start the engine?
Already cleaned the i.a.c valve. And the truck only fluctuates when I have the heater on floor or panel/floor.
I have checked the accurate door, the motor to it. Put in new heater core, thermostat, Flushed engine once. Flushed heater core 2 times both old one and new one. And there is no change in my heat. Also had it to ford ...
Scanned my truck to find a double o2 senor code thrown. Points me in the possible direction of a failed mass air senor?
changed plenum gasket tune up and cut front cats out truck still runs rough what to do help
I just had comprehensive work done on my truck. And, the battery was checked and was perfect. Last night, Christmas Eve, no less, I was driving and the lights got dimmer/dimmer. I turned the truck off and it would ...
good shape runs good and good air.
just started jerking/ bucking at 1500rpm when accelerating, now all the time even at idle.Today started shaking bad during idle and accelerating. Could it be a vacuum leak?
they turn on fine but then stop after a couple of seconds.it only happens while driving