bought a motor. It had to be removed from wrecked F150 truck.

Does this at stop lights or at idle. After sitting for minutes or hours, It will restart and run fine. 5.4L Triton engine. Shop reports no engine codes.

Where is the starter located on my f150 ford truck

What is the best way to to get at and remove the number 7 spark plug on a 2002 F-150 with a 5.4? Do I have to remove the fuel rail to get at the cop and the plug? Is there any tools I need to make or modify?

truck starts but dies when i put it in gear

Like it not running on all cylinders,some one said could be Map senor

The truck has 128,000 miles, have checked fuel pressure and is in range, EGR checks out ok. Sparkplugs are motorcraft and have 28,000 Miles and are the right number for the truck. The check engine light is not on. It does not ping if the engine has not reached normal temperature. If I use premium it does not improve at all. any suggestions as to what else I may check to diagnose and fix? Thanks

I have pulled the codes and they are PO0171 & PO0174. Both banks too lean. I have tried to find vacuum leaks but don't know if I have found them all. I don't have any testing equipment and very little money to have it checked and fixed. Please advise as to what might be the most logical place to start past checking the codes and visually checking for vacuum leaks.

Sometimes it shakes more than other times, feeling as thou my wheel is going to come right off. I've tried rotating tires, changed upper ball joints. The right one was bad but it still shakes. Maybe the idle arm, front axles? I'm vertical attached to this truck, but it's costing me alot of money to try and figure this out...

Starting only when on incline. Now it's missing constantly.

my auto trans fluid is low. do i add it when motor is cold or hot? and how can i know when its full.

Changed engine from a 2002 to 1999 coils not firing no charge to spark plugs