The last time I drove the truck was a 52 mile trip and when I put it in park before I turned it off the rims shot up like I tapped the gas but I didn't and I shut it off. It started fine so I did my thing and cam back I started it to drive home and I was entering the freeway and around 45 mph when I was accelerating it went weak the strong then weak the strong, I drove it like 2 miles and it just wouldn't go any faster. I let it sit in my yard and it started just fine a week later but smoking a little but some fluid drips a little behind the headers, and when it sits more than 2 or 4 mins it's idle gets weak like it's bubbling the rpms. I want to fix it unless it's too expensive lol. And the tranny is like barely over filled but it has a leak as well as the engine.

My pick-up is a 2001 Ford F-150 5.4 triton. I have replaced the thermostat, flushed the whole system, replaces the blend door aculator, and the blend door. What else could it be?

Every time it drops below freezing temps the gas pedal is frozing.

Dash lights stay on when when you stop engine radio go on and off Here a clicking sound when engine is shut down only happen once and awhile have to unhook bat. so it will not run down

replaced the thermostat the intake and the crossover mount. Heater core seems fine could it be a vacuum problem

I was told it something to do with theft warning signal

The sound only occurs when there is body lean for the vehicle. If the truck body stays level, no sound. any ideas?

a/c compressor went out and tension pully broke. the tension pully rubbed hole in timing cover. Replaced a/c compressor and pully. Drove about 3 miles and then noticed that the oil light came on pressure was 0 then went to normal back and forth turned around and it started making noise and loss of power

Thermostat is good,blend door is good,fluid/antifreeze is good,blower fan is good,truck doesn't over heat,all fuses are good but no heat,oh and no leaks.

I got a 5.4 that keeps building back pressure into the pressure tank. It also says im missing on3 or 4 cylinders. I have white smoke coming out the tail pipe. But no water in oil