replaced the thermostat the intake and the crossover mount. Heater core seems fine could it be a vacuum problem

I was told it something to do with theft warning signal

The sound only occurs when there is body lean for the vehicle. If the truck body stays level, no sound. any ideas?

a/c compressor went out and tension pully broke. the tension pully rubbed hole in timing cover. Replaced a/c compressor and pully. Drove about 3 miles and then noticed that the oil light came on pressure was 0 then went to normal back and forth turned around and it started making noise and loss of power

Thermostat is good,blend door is good,fluid/antifreeze is good,blower fan is good,truck doesn't over heat,all fuses are good but no heat,oh and no leaks.

I got a 5.4 that keeps building back pressure into the pressure tank. It also says im missing on3 or 4 cylinders. I have white smoke coming out the tail pipe. But no water in oil

When we shut off the truck the other day, a lot of water ran out of the bottom. We pulled out the engine part that is over the water line and checked it there is no holes.. however there was a bad gasket/seals, we replaced those (one on each side) re-assembled - turned on engine, water spewed out again... thanks in advance for your advise. :)