put my heater on and it blow hot then cold

it just started its been fine. I replaced to started an alternator couple months ago

it just started its been running fine I replace starter an alternater about 3 months ago

My as accumulator has a broken valve stuck in it. We cannot remove the valve

My as accumulator has a broken valve stuck in it. We cannot remove the valve

Had a 1405 code replaced, (DFPE Differential Pressure Feedback Sensor upstream hose off or plugged! ) Then a po301 appeared and replaced plugs . Crank and ran rough added TECHRON CONCETRATED PLUS Injector cleaner on the way home codes po300 & po308 came up. what now EGR or fuel injectors clogged? Runs a little rough but when you speeding no hesitation. Rough when cranking and starting off.

then when i shut the engine off and start it back the pressure goes back up after a few miles it drops again

im getting a code a code p1518 on my 2000 ford f- 150 4.2 six cylinder. whats the easiest or best way to fix this so i can smog test i know its the imrc bushings and or actuator i cant get to it is there any solution

Im hoping its not the rear tires. Mechanic said its about 600. To repair . My huband changed the brakes in the back thats when the problems started. He also did the front . He said I can drive like that but I dont agree what should I do

There is a lot of dust in the air filter, throttle body and even in one of the cylinders there is dust.

I have had 02 sensors put on.
And they keep going out.
the check engine light used to come on
and when tested the 02 code come up
That light doesn't work anymore