The fan motor has high speed only and I have no heat. How do I fix this problem.

90% of my air is COLD. Sometimes "warm" air will come through. What's the problem? Thank you for any feedback. Dave

I have a great truck (in my mind) but it needs a little help. What other year F-150's can I use parts from when fixing up my 1998 truck?
My wheels are completely rusted and I want to grab some off another truck (with their permission of course). Will any F-150 5 lug fit?
Also, can I swap my front bench seat with a bucket seat setup from another year F-150? If so, anyone know what year?

Can i just get one put on to pass emissions or have to have both and what will it cost me ? Please let me know!!

What might cause the overdrive light blink off and on constantly?

Radiator draining and cleaning raditator and engine block adding new anti

This is the first time this has happened. A couple times in the morning when starting the truck. It's like the battery is misfiring or something. Please help me.

What is the wiring on the firewall that connects the battery and alternator together called.

My battery light will not go off, what all could cause it to stay on.

The sprayer only works periodontally and I need to replace it

The door handle does seem to engage but the door will not budge even with Great Force. Any ideas??