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Jump in the truck, starts right up, drive to destination, shut off,take care of business, truck must now cool off from normal operating temp...hour to an hour and half, befor it will start up so you can leave. ???? It...
manifold, air filter, oil, and now the mechanic calls and said there is air and oil around the cylinder when he pulled the intake what could this be?
This has been going on for three years and getting worse. I have replaced the valve cover gasket twice and it still is leaking from somewhere.
I have tried doing the drive neutral reverse etc but still won't go out of 4 wheel drive. Any other suggestions on what to check or what make be wrong or work
I put in was a used one with the #"s RF-F3LP-7A040-AA wich came out of a single cab ford f-150 with the same engine, a 4.6 l V-8. Everything bolted up just fine but when I drove the truck it acted very sluggish a did ...
Want to depressurize fuel line to change fuel filter
What cause my air to change form the vent to defrost when i accelerate? I have a 98 f150 ford .
retailer is suggesting changing oil to high milage synthetic oil in my truck with 197,000 miles. Is that a wise move?