turned key over to start the truck and heard clicking now will not start.. Battery good. Power to starter but still when I turn the key nothing

Started out going dead but would crank right up. Then I had to switch from rear to front tank and it would fire right up and go dead when I put it into gear but when I switched back to the rear tank it ran fine for a while. Replaced fuel tank and pump. No change. Kept getting worse having to turn it over and over and over before it would crank. Finally died and had towed to mechanic. Replaced distributor and ran fine for about three weeks and started again. Replaced distributor again. Immediately went dead. Then it bucks as if though losing fire. Fuel pressure remains constant when it dies. After it has a bucking fit and I make it home, it cranks and runs fine for about 70 miles and starts bucking. Sometimes I can disconnect the positive cable for a minute then put it back on and it cranks up and runs fine for a while. Things that I have replaced, battery cable ends, fuel tank selector switch, ignition control module, computer, idle air control valve, batter cable ends. Still intermittently and violently bucks and dies. I have the dash board completely torn apart looking for a short in the wiring on the firewall. I would appreciate any suggestions as I the truck has spent more than ten weeks several different shops and I simply cannot get it figured out. I have only managed to get it to act up in front of a mechanic one time who said he was going to run some tests in the morning but again, it cranks right up and drives fine when it is cold so no dice. The truck is not throwing any codes either. Thanks in advance.

Line keeps popping out when I try to pump up my clutch

Line keeps popping out every time I try to pump it up

The idiling starts to vary up and down the warmer it gets but stays running till u shut it off then it we not start till it has complety cooled off.I tried spraying starting fluid in it and it has fire going to the plugs,I'm stumped!

the air pump check valve has a round metal disk inside is the metal disk suppose to rattle freely inside when it is shaken

Truck has never over heated , Already changed the oil adapter gasket. Has anyone heard of an external oil cooler going bad ??

This has happened about 8 times in the last 2 weeks. While driving the truck will buck for a second or two and then run normally. Once in stop and go traffic, it bucked while taking off from a stop and stalled. The car turned over very very slowly when starting back up. Battery is fine.

Eng. Lite came on intermitent then a solid lite, # 2 cyl misfire. Left truck parked cpl weeks before it could be checked out. Battery was bad and replaced it now it starts fine but only running on 5 cyl. Cannot retrive no codes. What must happen now? Realize the misfire could be many things. If a spark plug , eng coil, or bent valve spring I could throw a rod.

started all at once, shifts late all the time

trans pan is marked metric