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kit instructions direct me to cut away a portion of old seal. hoping to reuse original gasket.
drains the battery. while parked or will die after several miles especially at night when you run the headlights
Remove the vacuum line from the EGR valve - engine runs normally but warning light on dash comes on.
Freon in ok. Is there a fuse under the hood? owners manual does not list one.
what is the best way to go about changing water pump bolts broke off 3 of them
When started it acts like its going to flood then acts like its going to idle, while driving it loses power while driving and then gains it back.
I have a 1995 Ford F-150. There is a black knob on the throttle bdy.Is there an adjustment for this, and if so does any body know what the setting is?
Iremoved the 2 top screws, but I can't find the nuts that are holding the assembly in. are the underneath somewhere?
First noticed a whistling noise when stopping hard from near the brake booster/master cylinder area. Soon after brakes started failing (pedal travelling most of the way to the floor and weak brakes). Tried this diagno...
I have pulled the steering wheel but don't see the steering wheel lock mechanisim
when I drive for a couple miles or so the check engine light turns on I just hocked up the air pump what could this mean
the knocking noise in the engine is messed up i first noticed the knock when i would turn the steering all the way to the right or left only then it started knocking all the time at idle but if i turn the distributor ...