Just to changed spark plugs, transmission cooler

Want to buy a Ford F-150 and want to know if there are any known issues.

Got front end on kickstands and can turn the wheels with no effort. Fluid in reservoir is as clean as the day I put it in.

Truck just shut down

Then it starts it just make click noise changed cylinder switch still doing same thing

When it warms up, the ride is bumpy and jerky, and the read passenger wheel smells like its hot or rubbing. any ideas?

Got the truck with a newer transmission in it. the speedometer didn't work when I got it

It drives fine, except the occasional rev when i don't touch the gas, but sometimes it dies when I come to a complete stop.

I have a 1992 F150 XLT 5L V8

I am having some issues with my clutch (what I believe is the clutch). The other morning I took my daughter to day care and it started just fine using the clutch to turn the key, but it was useless to change gears. After I dropped her off it started just fine again, and I was able to shift gears again using the clutch. My main mechanic has moved, so I'm looking for some advice.

My shift cable just broke I changed it but it's reall hard to put in and out of gear I have the e4od transmission

My 1992 5litre 302 is running rich smoke at tail pipe and very hot exaust is sensor telling thermostat to stay open temp gauge rarely moves a quarter of they way on gauge

Starter fins this cold morning. Let it warm for 5 Min. Revved engine fine. As soon as I put truck in gear, it died. Tried to restart, cranks but won't fire. Let it sit for two hrs. started right up. Same result. Let it sit for another hour and 1/2, started. This time I revved the engine enough to keep running as I drove off. Drove two blocks, stopped and put in neutral. Ideled ok. Tried to drive off again. Died and won't restart. Sitting again. Help?