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running boards make noise and won't come out
Just this week, my keyless entry has stopped opening my back hatch/trunk/door/and back window. The doors will open with the keyless entry. I "can not" open the hatch/trunk/door/and back window using the inside the doo...
My wrench light came on in the dash board what does that mean the car also hesitated after acceleration
At about 30,000 passenger side exuast manifold was cracked and they broke bolt off in head trying to replace manifold. Now at 60,000 a bolt broke off in head on drivers side with no work ever being done. Why is this h...
How much should it be just for extraction if possible. And how much should it be if they need to pull the head to fix.
Need to really press on gas to get going.
I have great a/c but not getting heat no matter where the tempeture control is set i was told it might be some door thats not functioning
I feel stupid about asking this but I have searched and can not locate it.
does 2007 explorer have an ABS resovior that fluid goes in, and I have not checked 40 amp fuse
I replaced a new radiator, and somehow the water got into transmission. I took my car to a transmission service shop, and they were telling me that I need to decide whether I want to keep current solenoid or replace ...