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my nozzle broke from the bottom of the housing
out. I can hear the control modulel click when I press the auto button but it wont turn off. Can someone please help me
I've tried both fuse places and their fine the mini and maxi I don't know anything about windows
Oil changed 5/19/15 on 5/20/15 after drvin abt 100 miles in town drvin trk dropped pres shut off oil still full there's now a small leak and it will not start bk up. I was told its the oil pres switch?
This just happened one morning. My battery tested fine but I have no power in the truck and wont crank. Battery charging makes a buzzing sound under dash that changes or stops when I step on brake. I hear a faint i...
I took it somehwere and was givin an estimate of $5-6000 and then told it wasnt worht it but i havent had any trouble except for a couple days the engine temp rose not overheated until it did one time hasnt been run s...
But my battery light is still on and my radio doesn't work
The pal here says high 400 range. I know from experience. Labor range actual 4-17 hours? Good journeyman 4-6 hours new journeyman 8-17 this includes labor for all parts. All Parts high cost range 270- 640 low cos...
i just recently purchased this '98 Explorer that has been garage kept,only been driven by an elderly lady & just turned over to the 70,000 mile mark a couple weeks ago. When I first purchased it,I noticed the vehicle ...
its a great truck, Driving lost power pull over and the battery was dead tried getting a jump and it wouldn't take a charge change batteries and now it just crank but it wont start I've checked the starter off check t...
Could you email me a diagram for the cruise control? My email is Thanks
Car wont shift into gear when cold. But after warming up it shifts gear normal. Takes about ten minutes of running car before it starts shifting.
On the setting knob for Max ac /face/feet/ defrost,I will turn on to max and it comes out of defrost vents at the dashboard. The feet/face setting will blow air by feet but not main face vents. It is blowing cold, ca...
Is their a ford trick to solving this issue? Or something else is wrong?
it does not get louder at acceleration it just quiets down to where you cant even hear it rattling,,,any ideas other than the timing chains.
my car is stuck in 4x4 how can i get it out step by step please
how can i get it unstuck