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We have check plugs, plug wires, altenator, and changed battery. It idles fine in park and when you put it in gear but as soon as you push the gas peddle it boggs and it almost acts as if it is misfireing.
I have to rev the engine so it doesn't die. But it only happens in the morning. Totally fine the rest of the day.
It occurred when I put the seat all the way forward to move a t.v. it clicks when I try to move the seat as if its trying to work
maintanance on front & read differential
The air works fine until there is a load on the engine and then it does not blow hardly at all
If I attempt again and again it will eventually engage and start. When it does start the battery is strong, the starter is strong and all systems are go. It seems to be some other electronics intermitantly at fault....
Experiencing Rough Idle like the car wants to stall out and sometimes does. Lack of power when accelerating RPM's while Idling fluctuate between 800-1100 rpm . Fixes I have already done include New MAF Sensor, New Ai...
transmission, hard to see but it looks like it plugs into the fire wall or undercarriage? It looked like pure water not coolant.
checked all fuses, fluids. Oil gage reads just above low mark, does not move when engine revs.
I replaced the coil pack this time last year. The codes mean ignition coil B, evaporative emission leak, DPFE SENS circuit (loar voct) and cylinder 5 misfire detected. Does this mean I need to replace the coil pack ag...
In front of the back tire. And it only does it when the car is on. Stops when car is off.just replaced thermostat. I have a picture but can't load it. It is a part underneath the car that has a bunch of holes in it?
I have a 03 explorer v8. Check engine light comes on after 100 miles or so. I have new cats. 2 new 02 sensors on bank 2. Replaced thermostat. Replaced intake manifold. It has had some misfires. Replaced 2 ignition coi...
I cant tell if the muffler and exhaust are all one piece.
one minutee the anti theft wont blink and then it will start then the next minute it will blink for over and hour and wont start. it has a factory alarm, is there anyway to by pass it or and easy way to reset it witho...
Have fuel, have spark, have good compression, all ob2 codes were erased, car will run rill rough then stops running, timing is right, check fuses. what sensor should i check?
I don't have the book for my explore I don't know what fuses are what I think it has something to do with the relay fuse please help thanks
I went to get my Explorer alignment yesterday and was told they could not do it without replacing the box that keeps the tires straight. They said something had been changed in the top of it and the box has to be repl...