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Would like to have a rebuilt engine put in my vehicle.

Or it's leaking for the seal are

new struts and bushings have been installed but still very load banging comeing from front

When the problem occurs is at first startup at my house and every day of the week

I have a 2004 ford explore the oil light came on and it stared tapping so I shut it off and had the oil pump changed now it cranks doesn't want to start

squeeking from right front

Driving less than 15

on low speed turns on bumps in the road

i have had all the sensors replaced and the service engine light is still on.. i was told there is an electrical short..
The radiator is shot and needs replacing

squeeking on bumps and hard turning at low speed sound coming from left front

won't do anything so changed battery now even the lights don't work

On bumps and turns

Lost mynclutc completely so replaced master and slave cylinder still nothing? When I try to bleed them no fluid comes out bleeder screw at all and fluid don't get any lower during bleeding them?

drive along overheats and when it is shut off cools down in a matter of minutes. Might not do it again for month.


drivers controls are not working nor each door controls work on any doors so windows can go down or up.

So I recently got towed..he asked if it was AWD..I specifically told him it was..he put it on dolly with 2 front tires lifted..we drove a few miles and heard loud noise and I turned around and it was smoking..I guess from my bck tires? He then got out and put my my truck on 4 wheels lifted. I thought nothing of it even though but one day my od light kept blinking entire stopped next day..then I notice I can't drive over 55mph on freeway without shaking. Now it can't drive on freeway at all ..when I drove 40mph on freeway it kept going from side to side..I can't drive past 25- 30mph now..I just parked it in driveway before it gets any worse..I tried to take to shop..spent over $700 in total had tie rods replacement but car still the same. Could that tow damaged my rear end ? I don't know what's exactly wrong with my truck.

Cam and crankshaft not synchronized. But live data says it is. What caused this

When it's cold, transmission slips and there is no dipstick to check it.

Last few months loud metalic noise like brake caliper or something like it is loose and catching the wheel during rotation and is bangingaround . It has become worse and more freaquent but brakes work fine although the noise stops when brakes are applied then intermitantly starts again

Door was left ajar during rain. Since then having problems with starting vehicle. Dash goes absolutely crazy. Gauges flipping back and forth, not starting. Then when it sits for awhile it might start and then again it might not. At any given time this happens.

The last section of the tail pipe ia missing and we have. A 94 just sitting here. Can i use the tailpipe from the 9r


Daytime running lights have quit working. Would it be a module? Where is it located?

Took oil pan off there where plastic pieces in the pan no metal. the pieces are cloging the feed my question are these the cam guides they talk about and if so is it worth fixing and do I need to replace them and how

I have a 2002
Ford Explorer sport trac 4.0l
While driving home the check engine light started flashing and felt the truck acting sluggish, then it shut off in the middle of a hill (going up).
I tried to restart and it was unsuccessful. Pulled a P0301 for a #1cylinder miss fire. Only code in system. Cranks over, has spark - no start
I am checking the fuel pressure. With the key on engine off the pressures goes up to 80 psi and in a second it looses all pressure. My question is the pressure shouldn't drop that fast should it?

how many hours does it call for

I am working on a 1999 Ford Exploder with a charging problem. The alternator is good, the battery is good, the light comes on, the fuses are all good. I wonder if someone can tell me what the resistance is across the voltmeter on the dash. The only other thong in the circuit is the wire that goes to the PCM. Does the PCM have anything to do with the charging system?? Thank you in advance.

Overdrive is not working at 60 mph in doing 3000rpms overdrive button light turns on off but will not shift into od reason it got low on fluid I've change the wiring inside and the input sensor inside trany, replaced converter, trany was rebuit 6months ago cant afford to rebuild it again is there some advise that might help me thank codes are shown

It still did not work. Checked all fuses and relays and were good.What could the problem?