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I initially started off with a door open sensor on all the time. During that time, the issue with the radio happened occasionally, but I could get it to stop by putting the key in and pulling it out.
my 06 explorer will not move when shifted into reverse. I have done mass amounts of research and come up with many diagnostics ranging from complete tranny rebuild, Servo Motor, Solenoids, or even something simple as...
where is the fuse or relay that provides power? Also the elec door locks work but the auto lock when you have it in gear does not engage.
why does my abs and positive traction light come on my dash
I see the 3 obvious screws to take off and the light fixture almost comes off but it is still held on by another screw that I seem to not have accesss to and the manual doesn't give any info on changing it.
I brought the car to a local transmission francise dealer and was told that they could only diagnose the problem by pulling the transmission @ a cost exceeding $3000.00. At that point I left.
also changed crankshaft position sensor and belt,now engine won't crank,battery very low tried to jump.
how much would this cost to fix and is it hard to fix
cost? was given estimate of $800 Is this for real????
This only happens when i accelerate.what could this possibly be??
Driving in 2 wheel drive on a sandy dirt road at 45mph, hit a narrow, deep rut. Wrench light came on. That was 40K miles ago & no noticeable degradation of performance. Ford dealer says solution is to replace the tra...
Will they look at transmission, spark plugs, small items? I'm a widow, and no nothing about a car. Just want to be able to inquire questions that need to be asked, but don't want to be charged for things that are wo...