Is there a fuse or module to check?

Hard shifting seems to run in limp mode. Shop said tranny bad just from codes. This true or could be solenoid pack?

In reverse gear, "check park aid" message appears.

I change the transmission fluid and still having the same problem but when I press the gas lightly then it goes in reverse what could it be I hope it's not serious

has happened mostly when vehicle has been drive for 20 minor more

It is locking up and won't drive. It has a grinding noise and the right front tire locks sometimes. I've changed the front drive axles, rotors, and hubs on both sides. Break pads are all in good shape. In the beginning when this was happening I powered through it there was some grinding and a pop noise but it took off and I've been able to drive it till now. That's been a few months. It will drive but only in idle speed.

Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 2006....when I put my key in the ignition, my seat and pedals are supposed to get in memorized position but won`t. Then when I try to adjust my seat and pedals with the switches, I get nothing but little ticks heard from under the seat...the passenger seat works just fine...memory module? Please help...Thanks

I have cleaned the drains in the sunroof, checked the seal around it too. All are good, but when it rains I have water in the overhead switch panel where the sunroof switch is. Also, sometimes water is seen running down the right side A pillar. I park on a sloped driveway (25 degrees) with the right side down hill most times. I'm sure it's not the sunroof, I've cleaned and checked everything, even when it's raining I've opened it to see how much water might be getting in and it's dry. I am at a loss. Thanks for any help you might be.

I have an 06 Explorer sport trac. just recently the fan noise is louder when I take off from a stop. Performance doesn't seem affected, but something must be causing this.

Vehicle seems to run fine. its been doing this for some time. The only thing I notice is turning off the overdrive switch does not seem to turn the overdrive off. Is there anything to be concerned about? is that telling me the overdrive switch on the shifter bad?