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Is their a ford trick to solving this issue? Or something else is wrong?
I don't have the book for my explore I don't know what fuses are what I think it has something to do with the relay fuse please help thanks
they tell me the whole engine has to be removed to get to it.
My Explorer was riding a little rough and the dealer's mechanic says that I have to replace the upper control arm and the upper ball joint. There is nothing wrong with the control arm as far as we know. Also, they h...
the car is running on fail safe mode and the check engine light is on
It does this only after puttin into gear.Not while idlin or goin down road.
My 2005 explorer seems to want to stall after crankin it each time then goes again after about a few seconds.If i give it a good dose of gas it will goe.It seems the brakes are engagin on the left side.Also the abs an...
Whenever I turn my Explorer off a blue light comes on under my dash board by the drivers side door. What is it and does it indicate something is wrong.
I changed the oil gas tank stay on half coolant is normal So What Is IT please explain
Heater blows out hot air, as it should, but only throught the front AC vents. The defrost and floor/foot vents have little or no air coming out of them. On very cold days, feet are still freezing. Any help would be ...