I just need more time to save money for repair but only truck I have to drive

I don't want to break anything by prying on the switches.

My 05 4.0 explorer seems to always run cold,,, not hot but cold.. temp shows below normal range regardless of outside temp, driving distance and or while towing. I do have heat, however the air only comes out of the defrost vents no matter where the selector knob is placed.

I have a 2005 ford explorer. I started loosing oil pressure, so we took off the oil pan to see what was going on. There was plastic chunks in it. I have been told they are the timing chain guides. What I need to know is, what all will I have to replace inorder to fix my explorer?? I just want to get it fixed enough to make it to a dealership and trade it off. Please someone help me out here

Trouble code p0193 comes up and I need to know how to fix and dies it have anything to do with vacuums when my a/c won't switch to just vents instead of defrost and vents

I'm replacing the accumulator and orifice tube.

I usually turn it off. Anyone else. Of course this has to happen ever time I start this junker clunker. Wish I'd take the cash for clunkers on this piece

It starts and drive but these warning lights are on

stuck in 4 by 4 hi need to fix a transfer case how to

was driven by a friend in 4x4 high on the highway now its stuck now what do I do

friend drove on highway in 4x4 and now it runs like crap how can I fix it