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If I attempt again and again it will eventually engage and start. When it does start the battery is strong, the starter is strong and all systems are go. It seems to be some other electronics intermitantly at fault....
transmission, hard to see but it looks like it plugs into the fire wall or undercarriage? It looked like pure water not coolant.
had rear brakes worked on by sears two days latter light came on
Originally it ran hot but there was no water in the oil. It sat for 2 days without starting and I rechecked the dip stick and saw water in the oil. The car has 193000+ miles should I replace the engine or fix the head...
I had my timing replaced days later the motor began ticking the shop that did the work claims it's the oil pump, but the pressure gauge is full.what else could it be? Also they don't want to do the work now if their r...
It originally didn't have any heat so the heater core bypass hose was replaced but it still ran hot. Then the crankshaft position sensor was replaced now it will not even crank and the battery is now dead.
Replace timing chain, guides, hydraulic tensioner, there is no labor costs, why?