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This is the 1st time it occurred. I had not noticed a check engine light.
1 book calls for 108 then 90 then 90. My guess that is a misprint
most likely cause
I have repalced the bushings,had a all wheel alliginment and put 4 new cooper discover tires on her. I was told my balljoints are good. the clicking isn't as loud however I still hear the clicking when making sharp tu...
Periodically the car will not start. We have it towed to a service facility; they will keep it overnight; do diagnostic search and come up with no reason why it did not start.
I bought a new door jamb switch because the car alarm kept going on. I got the door panel off, but I can't find the location of where to put the switch. The problem is occuring alot. Its very annoying.
when motor is cold the temp gaude is in normal position but after it starts to warm up it pegs in the hot for a few seconds then drops down into normal position.I have replace two termostate I replace termostate howsi...
I already replaced idle control valve and pcv valve and hose. It use to just stall at stops. now when stopping idle acts funny and sometimes lunges
my check engine light came on while i was driving and began to flash them it went off I got home hook the scaner up to it gave me two codes p0305 and p0316. after I got hone I replace the plugs and wires. erease the c...
When i first noticed the problem it would finaly work if i kept pushing the button but now it wont work at all.