also catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 2. do i need a cataletic converter

And it won't start

this started don't know what happin is there a fusable link

Battery is 12.7 volts static and 14.5 volts when idle. Battery gauge in instrument panel shows zero charge.

Is this a common problem with the Ford Explorer 2003.

What could be causing that?

How to replace cabin air filter on 2003 ford explorer?

I had the motor out already because it had a broken rear timing chain cassette, and I put the motor back in after replacing it, it wouldn't start so I opened up the front cover to the 3 chains in front , and it had front chain guide broken also, I replaced it but I'm sure it's still out of timing, im wondering if I have to take the whole motor back out? Please help!!!

the motor runs real rough at idle but smooth on high rpms but the rattle is still there,changed coil pack,mass air,new plugs and wires checked cam and crank sensers what is wrong grrrr

oil presser droped opened the hood oil was leaking out truck won't start after i shut it off

It is running ruff need to know how to fix it.