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where are the fuses located? I don't have a owners manual
stopped all at the same time
on 7/06/13 all done right but will not start tried couple things but now im stuck
timming chain jumped and i replaced them all 3 and know it wont start
I recently had rear window on lift gate fall off. Left hinge broke. I repaired myself by drilling out window plug and hinge and bolting. The window is askew to the right slightly. But closed. If I. We're to replace ...
Sometimes the turn signals on my Explorer stop working & start working again out of the blue. In the next few days, my car gets stuck in park. I have to manually unlock it on the bottom of the steering wheel. Then it ...
My door ajar light an bell pops on an off while driving an when I hit the windows buttons ...what could I do
I recently had my automatic transmission re-built in my 2003 Ford Explorer. I am now experiencing gear shifting problems. My truck is not driving right and it feels like my gears are not shifting properly. My O/D ligh...
I can get a/c all over but only get heat in the very front and not the back end
overdrive light is flashing, shifts back into neutral and into gear going down the road, the overdrive switch works in park but not while driving, am I looking at a bad transmission
my check engine light came on because of my truck overheating, I noticed it was out of Antifreeze so I refilled it. I drove a few miles and it is doing the same but no evidence of a leak when i filled it back up.
Yesterday my abs dash light came on and I felt a shutter on the break pedal at the first stop sign I hit and then I didn't feel any more, but the light stayed on. I also have noticed a louder sort of grinding roar (no...
Will Raditor flush help get more hotter heat?