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What is the normal cost for the repairs these wheeling bearings
When I accelerate (especially going up a hill)I hear the sounds of knocking underneath.
I just had another front wheel bearing replaced (again) and the mechanic says that he thinks there is a problem with the rear differential, but he can't do it (not a Ford mechanic). He said to take it to Ford, but th...
Steering problem 2003 Ford Explorer V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 49000 miles I have replaced the power steering pump twice and it keep making noise. I belive it is cavitating I have bleed system twice and flush...
noise coming from driver side rear wheel when driving while giving gas noise is faint when coasting noise gets louder
I need to get to the power door lock control switch.
I need to check the fluid level in my 2003 Explorer but there is no dip stick. How can I check the level myself without having to take it to a repair shop?
What all do u have to take off and n what order to change the seal?
How much does it cost to repair/replace a small leak on evaporative emission system.
it happened about amonth ago,and the problum has been continous, i cannot unjam the button.
Car rooled down hill and door caught on tree. No other damage, just buckled the door. I need to replace the door. What is your recomendation.
The push-button keyless entry pad on my Explorer is broken. Is it worth it to get it repaired?
The temerature gauge on my ford explorer is acting u. For a while, it would randomly (every few days) jump into the red for a minute or two, then go back down. Today, it keeps going in the red whenever the car is idl...
My explorer randomly stalls and feels like it is not getting gas. Happened in the middle of an intersection yesterday. Took it to the shop and was told it was a switch that shuts the gas/car down in case of an acciden...
Only noticed it recently driving to N.Y. A/C had been running for at least 12 hours when it was noticed.