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180,000 miles. Noise comes and goes. STP oil treatment clears it up but it comes back. Just changed oil (Mobil 1)
Click still there!!

engine light cam on lastnight. we are due for oil change actually past due. could that be the problem ?

how much do you have to torque the hub assembly bolts on 2003 ford exlorer on the front

Start up the vehicle then press the accelerator and the rpms rev up however the car does not speed up. After I take my foot off the accelerator and rpms go down then I try again and it finally starts picking up speed. This also happens when I slow down to turn and then try to speed up and after stopping.

rear breaks replaced

wat is the best way to test coilpacks?also truck starts good but started missing just lately.i was told that 03s was bad for coil packs going bad.

Just found out my left rear spring is broken. I ned to know about how much it would cost to have that fixed.

When trying to restart- indicators,signalsand gauges all light up. Car is not crankning or making any other noises during startup. Hotshot did not work, but battery appears to be OK. All fuse are OK. Is this electrical related, if so what could be the cause?

When I change lanes 50 mph or higher on roads that have snow between the lanes, it feels like the truck wants to spin out. Scares the hell out of passengers.I just bought it so I have been driving at 50 or lower on snow roads.

I check all the doors yet the door ajar warning comes on. Any ideas?

The gear shifter won't come out of park and I don't have any brake lights. I checked the fuse that controls the interlock brake system with a test light and no light with key off, but lights with key on. Is this the promblem?

Blower works but no Heat or AC tried 3 different repair shops and was told by all to take back to dealership..purchase 2003 ford explorer 3 years ago. Was there every a recall?

My transmision get stuck when I put it on drive i have to press the gas a little bit do i have to service it

need to replace blend door actuarer. have part what is laber caust.

sometimes my car dies on me when I'm at a stop of right when i first start it. No "check engine light goes on" and went to an AutoZone and a sales guy looked at my air filter, checked the battery and alternator, which were all good and said there may be carbon build up on the plugs.