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out. I can hear the control modulel click when I press the auto button but it wont turn off. Can someone please help me

The pal here says high 400 range.
I know from experience.
Labor range actual 4-17 hours? Good journeyman 4-6 hours new journeyman 8-17 this includes labor for all parts.
All Parts high cost range 270- 640 low cost cut by 30-70%

I am looking for real world price from reputable experienced shops that do this work and enjoy it this could be a daily weekly or monthly job done at repair place. I do not want the place that does 1 a year.When we drove older model cars 6-12 years.Reputable repair shops did what was affordable a place making profit $200-500 profit for half a days work. Not turning it into 1/2 a week to a week for 2-5000 dollars because you can.

Example for ford dealer repair price quote In past parts and labor book tie rods 220 dealer quotes 500-2000 most 1200-2000 with alignment and bushings $320.actual repair cost was charged by dealer who did work.

In past I got the 7 years 100000 bumper to bumper cost 600-1200 at time of new car purchase they cost 1500-4000 for warranty but 3-6 month later it is 50-90% off about 70% of time getting oil change repair place finds repair needed I ask for written quote cause car under warranty never makes it to paper work. I do maintance at the place with the $5-12.00 oil change coupons and every car has a repair needed ,that there they have found something to fix. Glad I took 6 years of auto classes to learn in school and college and did prep on new cars and did semi truck repair in late teens while in college.

When in high school over 4 years I did lot boy , I did new car prep , body shop, tires, alignment work, warranty fixes, helped with transmission, suspension then late teens did semi truck repair and maintenance. I ran parts too. So from the age of 13-20 I worked In auto field.

So May, 2015 real price range for complete timing chain/ belt replacement for 2002 explorer 140000 miles.

I know there are different ways to do it.

The high puts all new parts back on for everything removed and charges least double labor to 5x the water pump taken off put back on was included with getting the timing job so gasket and goo 10 bucks or new part 4x markup and labor to put on added at 4x markup but is already accounted for labor in timing repair. This is in slow season if shop worker busy 8/40 a week and all parts supplied for worker cost for repairs close to book or better 140000 miles $300-$780 timing gets done 1200-5000 cost does not. The high price is engine damage broken timing belt/chain.

Maintained perfectly

it does not get louder at acceleration it just quiets down to where you cant even hear it rattling,,,any ideas other than the timing chains.

My power passenger seat is not working. I moved it all the way forward to move a t.v and now it won't go back. It clicks when I press the button to move it. it will still go up or down but not front or back. Any advice will help. Fuse is good. I disconnected the power to try a reset... no go.

It occurred when I put the seat all the way forward to move a t.v. it clicks when I try to move the seat as if its trying to work

I cant tell if the muffler and exhaust are all one piece.

Have fuel, have spark, have good compression, all ob2 codes were erased, car will run rill rough then stops running, timing is right, check fuses. what sensor should i check?

Had it put on the computer and the Ford dealer can't find anything wrong.

Front wheels grinding in turns when slow acceleration as well as backing up. Tried new ball joints, power steering fluid flush, was told differential fluid was OK. 4WD light doesn't come on and it didn't act right during snow. Any suggestions on next steps. Mechanic is stymied as he doesn't hear it. Will try fuse pull as winter is over.

The guy is charging 350 for that job and the parts are only 30 bucks so i think hes over-charging. Could anyone please let me know what the fair is? THANKS