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when it reaches temp it will only stay good if ac is on. Heat doesn't work. I looked for leaks and saw none but the fluid is being pushed back through overflow reservoir
seat will not go back and forward etc. also seat heater stopped at same time.
Had a scan done and it pulled a code of PO796. Is this on a recall list?
what is the cost of a transmission and after the car is open up they find others things wrong. the car lights goes out the o/d and the check engine light. the diagnostic codes.
cruise light flashes on then off when cruise button pressed. It acts as if I had stepped on the brake or the brakes were on. The problem was intermittent but now it's happening all the time. Thank for your help.
Recently while driving through town my 2002 Explorer XT 4wd made a sounds as though I had hit an animal. Upon inspection I could not any damage or animal remains under the front of the truck however now she intermitt...
Check engine light just came on , the truck is still running great and the onboard computer check says all is fine.
Car has 143,000 and is on 5th differential, a Ford limited slip and this one has gone 5 years. Started whining very loud 1000 miles ago. One mechanic looked at magnet plug and said diff is shot and just changed flui...
should i buy a 2002 ford explorer that has been sitting up for 3 years. i replaced battery it will start. i test driven it owner has to send of for title said it will take a week to seven days. want to give me a bill ...