my truck is making a loud rattling noise ,sounds like the exhaust system,then again sounds like its coming from the engine,every time i turn my heater on antifreeze leaks out,but when the a
\c i s on it doesn't leak

Runs good over drive light blinks then stops blinking runs great happens sometime

And I thought it was because ready old code's from where drove other one till wouldn't move in any gear but cleared all them but soon as you start it o/d light starts flashing again and nothing but drive and takes off in drive never shifts down to any other gear. Anybody got any suggestions on what the heck is going on.

haven't had any other problem with it no other lights around just can't turn the overdrive back on again I pushed the button but it doesn't do anything

It drove fine for 2 weeks I hit a pot hole in the street now truck just rolls it want. Go in park drive are reverse I push the gas and the motor raises but truck just rolls backwards I had to put bricks in front and back of tiers so that it want roll away can't find any answers about what's going on anyone had this problem are should I just go to the shop

I'm not losing any coolant and my check engine light is not on

I've changed the ball joints & wheel bearing & brake caliper, but it's still doing.

I know it needs brakes and rotors

My light keep flashing and beeping. I want to remove the fuse.