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But my battery light is still on and my radio doesn't work
Experiencing Rough Idle like the car wants to stall out and sometimes does. Lack of power when accelerating RPM's while Idling fluctuate between 800-1100 rpm . Fixes I have already done include New MAF Sensor, New Ai...
I replaced the coil pack this time last year. The codes mean ignition coil B, evaporative emission leak, DPFE SENS circuit (loar voct) and cylinder 5 misfire detected. Does this mean I need to replace the coil pack ag...
My wife says it dies when she is slowing down to take a turn, or sometimes waiting at a stop light. She has to wait a couple of minutes, and then it will restart. It cranks over ok, it's more of a fuel carburation (in...
How much would a front windshied cost?
My transmission fluid line is totally rusted through as is the spout to pour fluid into. Thus, the fluid is leaking out causing it difficult to change gears. When I put enough fluid in, the transmission works fine.
For both sides it doesn't move left or right. I have already replaced the switch but same issue continues.
Heat blows out the back vent but after sitting out n the cold the selector won't turnon the blower. Let it sit in my shop for 30 mins and it works fine. Can my vacuum lines be freezing or something else?