fuel pump will not prime when vehicle is at normal operating temperature . Primes fine when vehicle is cold Checked fuse and swapped relay. Verified problem with pressure test gauge

With the SRS system

I need to replace the left front driver door regulator, the arm came loose and disconnected itself from the motor. The motor still works. Can I just replace the regulator without a new motor?

no heat only cold air

My moms eows no oil pressure and the lifers and cams are making a terrible rattling noise.xplorer sh

also acts like a car without alternater power or low batt trying to run

My ford Explorer needs new floor mats that fit properly. They ones I see in shops are either too small or too big.

My Ford usually makes a lot of noise when going uphill.

Why does the battery always have problems in winter

My car just starts won't drive or reverse I have transmission fluid

Car won't shift and what is the vent valve for

My 2000 Ford explorer transmission was changed two yrs ago why is my truck leaking transmission fluid and not driving or reversing

When the vacuum leaks cause a Ford

Its only been a little over a month since the last one was replaced

was taking a long time to start before low fuel pressure replaced the pump now fuel is good