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I took it somehwere and was givin an estimate of $5-6000 and then told it wasnt worht it but i havent had any trouble except for a couple days the engine temp rose not overheated until it did one time hasnt been run s...
I notice it when I drove from work to home which takes 8mins.it smoked for about 2mins not big clouds but big enough to see something is smoking under the hood.the next day I drove it to the corner store by my house,I...
I recently did an engine swap on my explorer and have replaced a lot of sensors. after I drive it around it needs to cool down for about an hour and a half before before it will start, The starter is working and i h...
changed radiator & thermostat
I have changed the wires,plugs,coil pack,intake gasket, and injectors,
My heater will blow warm air then it will go cold and my temp gauge is also reading normal then it will drop to cold Just replaced the thermostat My top radiator hose is getting hot It has fluid
This happens after the door might have been opened for no more than 10 minutes. Also this happens when I might be charging my cellphone. I'm hoping I don't need a new battery.