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i just recently purchased this '98 Explorer that has been garage kept,only been driven by an elderly lady & just turned over to the 70,000 mile mark a couple weeks ago. When I first purchased it,I noticed the vehicle ...
my car is stuck in 4x4 how can i get it out step by step please
how can i get it unstuck
My power steering still makes noise when I turn my wheel. Turning left is louder than the right turn.
I have to rev the engine so it doesn't die. But it only happens in the morning. Totally fine the rest of the day.
maintanance on front & read differential
The air works fine until there is a load on the engine and then it does not blow hardly at all
I have a '98 Ford Explorer XL with 142,500 miles on it. It has been 100% dependable until the fuel pump had to be replaced. Not too long after that it just wouldn't turn over. It wasn't the battery so I called my tow...
my car is a ford explorer 1998 model
Running toughening shakes at idle