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In front of the back tire. And it only does it when the car is on. Stops when car is off.just replaced thermostat. I have a picture but can't load it. It is a part underneath the car that has a bunch of holes in it?
I went to get my Explorer alignment yesterday and was told they could not do it without replacing the box that keeps the tires straight. They said something had been changed in the top of it and the box has to be repl...
The car make a clicking sound when I turn the ignition but it want start. I had this problem before and I had got it checked and found out that it was the starter so I got a new starter. But when I went to pick it up ...
I was involved in a rear end accident on the freeway. The driver side of the frame where the leaf spring is connected is pretty messed up. I was thinking about cutting it from the good section and replacing it with a ...
Heater and defroster works fine. Ac only works on max and sometimes there's a thump sound that comes from passenger floorboard when I turn ac on.
top hose collapsed when truck running
the suv 1997 ford explorer will go in drive but want back up it dose it all the time want back up
you still have to step on the clutch pedal to "shift" but no shifting going on. 1-5 or reverse, and when shift into gear you can then release the clutch and the car still runs. so basically stuck in neutral.