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Just replaced the starter and also tried starter fluid and no response so where's the fire?
So I feel it with transmission fluid and it works beautifully. It shifts great and everything, however after its drove for just a short while it will begin to smoke than loses all the fluid and won't shift at all. Any...
When I push the brake pedal, after about 3 seconds I get a pulsing in the brake pedal.
Can u tell if engine is going to throw a rod? I wanted to tuneup because I'm driving to Oregon this wknd from OC.Truck had oil changed 2 days ago.
After replacing my starter I took the SUV for a drive, when I noticed a problem with the tranny not up shifting,upon inspection of a possible cause I noticed the antifreeze leak from the right side of the engine upon ...
I don't have ac and notice it after I drove then cut it off like big puddle of water CNT find where its coming from pls help or explain wat or where it could be coming from. Notice its close to the back I believe just...
it run much better in cold weather I was told the it not the heating are air system or radiator system
also my battery is not charging since this happened please help thank you
It doesn't even seem to turn over. After a few tries of trying to start it, it just begins making a loud noise almost as if running. It continues until it seems as if it overheats. It has ran fine all day until now. I...
first it was hard to shift to OD. now drags shifting itod drive.
I was curious of the price of the part and the labor involved. Also how long you can drive the vehicle before any serious damage is done.