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I put on new pads new mastercyl bleed the lines an still no fronts an when aplying brake It feels like a heart beat in the peddal
for a long time ive been losing trans fluid.no puddles or smoke.i changed a line that i noticed was leaking,but i also noticed the oil level in the truck was getting higher.ive let the truck sit for days and then have...
Tag , tail light don't work. Blinkers work but brake lights work sometimes only one or the other will work then both work fine again then one will one won't then switch sides one work one dont.what is causing thid?
I have a 1993 Ford Explorer that is having slippage in the transmission. Why?
I bought a 1993 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.0 from my neighbor for 800.00. She said she took it to a mechanic and they told her the head gaskets are blown and they would give her 500.00 for it. I replaced the fuel pum...
What else is there to do short of getting rid of my truck.
The Noise Just started this morning it occurs when the car is in nuetral or in first with the clutch engaged, I have been having issues with fuel economy, smelling gas, and a low/loping idle speed could this be connec...
The resivore has fluid,the radiator was empty. Started the vehicle and added water. Back pressure blow the water back at me.got it filled and ran it for a few minutes. Then noticed water "pouring" out through exhaust....
my radio in a 93 explorer gets power but it does not turn on i have tried to put in different ones and it does the same thing i have tried to change the fuse and it didnt help any suggestions?
i have 1993 ford explore ,how do i change serpertine belt
I have been driving it out of state and everything it just takes a while to get the gears, i have changed the filter already
while driving suv it started to stall until it finally died. I have replaced fuel filter + pump, fuel pressure regulator, MAS, MAF, idle control and still will not stay running. Each time I replaced one of the parts s...
Now both lights are out. All other lights work. I do not know how to check a fuse but have changed bulbs. Being told its a wiring issue???? Can you help???
Could it be a motor mount problem? The idle problem is maybe a sensor or do I need a new ECU? because the cruise control doesn't work either.