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changed motor n tranny mounts iac plugs wires dont it feels like bad mounts woundering timing chain?no codes runs strong
it turns over, but will not start! I have a new battery, and not sure why it will not start!
ive changed out the slave cylinder and the hydraulic clutch line, and the clutch plate but im still having an issue with shifting. if i start the truck in first gear it wont shift into any other gears, if i start it i...
now i cant shift into all the gears and it grinds when going into reverse. also wont let me start out in first. and my battery is draining. when i release the clutch and press the gas its sluggish.???
It drives for about a hr. And it stalls. It wont start up agian until it cools down.
Runs good for a while and and of sudden stalls just started doing this.
just recently when going over 2000rpm a bad clanking noise like a loose lifter. have head cover off everything looks good with no real loose parts and not any metal filings. also turning over engine it seems all oilin...
Replacing clutch on 92 explorer 4.0l/v6 2wd 5spd manual transmission?
Replacing clutch, need to know what the torque pursue its when replacing the pressure plate on my 1992 Ford Explorer 2wd 4.0l/v6 5spd manual transmission?
Driving home on hwy and truck lost drive power. It will shift smoothly thru all the greas, just wont move? I replaced slave cylinder, drained and replaced gear oil, there was no trash or metal shaving found replaced ...
I Checked battery and alternator both are good. sometimes I start it and the light is off, but mostly when I start the truck the battery light is on and it beeps for 3 minutes after started . the gage that measure...