You can hear the motor trying. I tried tightening the cable but still nothing.

Could you email me a diagram for the cruise control? My email is Thanks

It happens from the rear of the truck. As I go faster it seems to shake even worse. but when I release the gas pedal no matter how fast I go it stops until I press the gas again.

Replaced filter and fluid then it shifts first thru 2nd but when going n drive the rpm's stay high n won't shift but then I'll manually shift it to 2nd and it shifts n lowers the rpm's n acts. Like it should

When its in gear and I step on the gas the engine revs up and it takes a little while for it to catch for me to start moving and it smells like burning clutch.

The brake pin on the driver seat front wheel is coming out and it's only the top pin. Any advice on how to put it back into place?

New alternator and battery. Fuses r good as well. Really nd help

Whenever i remove the positive cable the truck shuts off.

The motor and switch has been checked. What else can we check?

not as noticible at highway speed but ALWAYS when accerating