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Car will start fine if put on a charger. It will start a couple times after that. Once car hits a certain temp it will not start again without being put on a charger
my engine pressure is low having to put n neutral to keep running
I checked the front end and the shocks squeak when I push the car down. Could it be when I hit the clutch the car literally dips down in the front and causes the shocks to squeak? If not, what could squeaking in the c...
we check brake lights an it would do it every once In a while
Hit a culvert, split rim Tore axle out. Everything fixed. Check engine and air bag lights on. Drove good for a day, car shut off.now, no gas delivery, no spark and it can't connect to my computer so I can code it. ...
I just race the transmission with luck has any one had this problem if so how do I fix it
My fan continues to run after my car is turned off. I can turn the key to accessory and turn it back off and the fan will cut off. But when I come back my battery is dead. When I go to jump the battery when I hook up ...
Where is the main relay located at for the ac compressor on a 2002 ford escort zx2?