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I changed the old headlight lense with better (newer) one's. But I did not change any wiring, or bulbs. Now the headlight plugs are melting. (WTF?) Rodd Steele Granite Falls WA
fine was running fine then began knocking at start up 1/2 hour later is it possibly the timing belt and how much damage would driving after that cause. car can still run rough and loud knocking
replaced brake cylinder bleed lines and still pedal spongy and sometimes when applying the brakes it will go all the way to the floor, bleed the lines again still problem accrues, also the pedal is a bit lower than be...
I have an 1999 escort with original 60000 miles. What should be changed out at this time considering the age?
when it is cold it runs great when it warms up it acts like the fuel pump is not working properl, so bad i had to pull off the freeway this morning and let itsit for a few mins.
I checked the front end and the shocks squeak when I push the car down. Could it be when I hit the clutch the car literally dips down in the front and causes the shocks to squeak? If not, what could squeaking in the c...
both sides, car automatic
car run for about two min.then deid I replaced the control module still no fuel pressure
Don't know if I have a blown engine or blown head gasket. When my car broke down it had lost rpms first then it blew black smoke and stopped then made a really low ticking noise then quit that then blew white smoke an...
The vehicle does not crank, no noise, not lights nothing. We have tried the battery, only two years old and charged.
gaugd works till half, then drops to empty
the motor starts right up, and at higher rpm;s seems fine. But if you take your foot off the gas it dies. wont idle at all. what could this be?
I have oil and coolant leaking out underneath where tranny and engine meet. What could it be? While running it leaked out most of the coolant. Checked hoses & connections both good.