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I have tried everthing I know to do I have pulled with over 200 lbs. of pressure and the boot will not release from the tranny please tell me what I'm doing wrong
When making a turn left or right the steering seems to tighten.
Alternator checks out ok, battery is new, all fuses have been checked and are ok, but the voltage across the battery is 12.2 volts with nothing running and only 11.9 with all accessories on except pass compt fan motor...
brake lights work turn signals work i have no diagram on my fuse panel under the hood don't know if it is a fuse or something else. help me out please
how much engine coolant do i need to buy when my brother flushes my radiator for me
First noticed the speedometer dropped to 0 the started working then stopped, etc. The tachometer stopped completely, then idiot lights came on, starting witht the brake light, then seatbelt, etc. After parking, the ...
have tried replacing fuel pump and filter also pulled engine cover and checked rocker arm
the head was redone and a new piston put on. Also the car has been sitting for 8 years with out attention. Is it wise to fix parts of a motor that has sat that long? or would it be wise to just get a new motor?
can't get car out of park
Have 2001 Ford Escort 4 door sedan. The check engine light was on, hooked up car OBD II to laptop using Autotap program for reading codes and real-time sensor outputs. Both O2 sensors read 0 MV. Replaced both O2 senso...
When i switch from park to Drive or reverse while pressing the brake my car will turn off. Its been happening for a couple of weeks now.
My CV gasket is new on my ZX2 I still have a small oil leak around the spark plug holes and spark plugs. Do I need to replace the cv gasket again or there's another oil seal on the ZX2 engine?
Does the Ford zx2 has brake problems? I hit my car yesterday up hill the car in front of me stop on a red light and I was probably 7 cars behind him. we were the only 2 cars on the road. I was not even speeding, my sp...
I need to replace my airbag because the horn is stuck and the horn wont stop honking. Do I need to pull the fuse first for the airbag before changing the airbag and can do it myself? I bought used airbag.
car ran hot cut off and wont start. plugs have been replaced since still wont start