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belt seems to be to small to fit
There is a 10 mm nut I took out but there is also a huge slotted 17mm plastic nut mounted to firewall towards the front of car. I have been turning on it forever with a big screw driver, doesn't come off. I need to ...
banging noise from under neath car
when it even just damp out the car idles weird and wants to die it looses power and doesn't want to move it shakes and shutters violently trying to stay running when you try to rev thew engine it sounds like its...
someone said one is incased in a box and the other is a two fan can anyone advise me
When the fan is first turned on, there is warm air but it quickly turns cold
Throttle control replaced 3rd gear ratio not shifting test also reveal pcv and pcv hose maybe issue all of this was told to Md but not sure who is telling me the correct answer please help
Turn the key and nothing, no noise, no nothing. Has gas, oil, anti freeze, the car ran well until yesterday.
Fan for A/C-Heater oes not run. I think the fuse blew, but cannot find one marked Blower. I also need a diagram for the underhood fuse block. How do I tell if one of the underhood block type fuse is bad?
I removed the control panel and there was nothing attached to the rear of the temp control knob and there was nothing that looked like it had come loose from the knob or controller. What part do I need and where does...
Everything looks fine engine and car running great but Do I need a new airbag sensor? there is only one at the passenger side per AllData
or diagram for it zip code 16928 2002 ford escort
car has 96,700 miles, sat for 2 yrs. ABS lite does go out after starting. But the abs randomly tries to engage at a normal stop. Then the abs light comes on shutting of ABS. ABS lite stays on until restart engine.
the canobd2 diagnostic tool gives a reading P1506.