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Car was running good, then it starting missing on these two cylinders. I have checked plugs, wires, coil. I can spray a little shot of carb cleaner into the air cleaner and it will run better.

Only the Service engine light comes on, but nothing else. When the key is out, the service engine light stays dim. Starter does not even engage, no dome, radio, dash, hazards, NOTHING. Tried to jump it just to see and nothing. I added AC Coolant about two weeks ago and the only other issue with the car is the gear shift. I have to stick a straw through a emergency hole next to the gear shift to engage the release mechanism so the button on the shifter will press in and change gears but I don't see how either would effect the entire electrical system. I'm a full time student and on a strict budget so I can't take it anywhere to have it checked. NEVER have had a issue with electrical system before. It has always been a great running car since coming off the lot. I did one time about two years ago pull the radio out of the dash just to see how easy it would be but I never disconnected any wires. Would it have something to do with the Ignition Switch? I thought if it was bad it would not send a signal out but that doesn't count for the dome or headlights not even working. I did notice the my gas gauge looks like it is ping as far as possible WAY passed the normal full mark if that makes a difference.

I've changed timing belt, spark plugs, spark plug wireset, battery, alternator, idle air control valve, gasket valve covers, cam position sensor and crank position sensor. It still throws out the p0340 code even after changing the sensors

obd code is p0133. any idea on how to fix this. the o2 sensor is only a year old.

Runs fine with gas poured n intake till it burns up

in Nashville, TN because it wasn't ready. My battery died and a new one was replaced and I didn't drive much after that due to a broken ankle. I need to know how much I need to drive for all "readiness monitors" at be set to ready before I return for another emission test. Thank you.

The vehicle was making the noise and it did it today I lost all power and the vehicle stalled and will not re fire. It cranks but won't fire and when I am cranking it you can here it pop a little in the tail pipe. The noise came when the vehicle was in gear and warmed up if I let off the gas it quit or if I put it in neutral it quit.I haven't lost any oil or antifreeze, both levels are fine. I just changed the oil Friday and used SAE 10 W 40 because the car has 117,000 miles on it.

This occurs when the vehicle is warm and in gear. It does not do it in neutral or when I let off the gas while in gear.


oes a pcm run the a/c on a 2000 ford escort and would a 1997 work on a 2000

what does a 2000 pcm control on A 2000 ford escort and if i replaced it w/1997 pcm what would it control on a 2000 ford escort I was told that 1997 WOULD MAKE THE A/C NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY IF ANY AT ALL AND BY CONNECTING THE 1997 TO 2000 COULD CAUSE IT TO JUMP TIMING AND THEREFORE IT COULD HAVE CAUSED A VAVLE SEAT TO DROP IS THIS A FACT OR POSSIBLE?

Previous owner changed timing belt.The computer codes are saying everything is fine?Is this a faulty coil or back ignition wires?I did not change the wires cause they looked good.Any help would be great at this point.Paul

Replaced cam sensor,fuel pump,plugs,coil and noticed i was getting higher spark in #123 when i tested them on the side of engine block,but plugs where loaded with gas as if it was not firing.#4 plug had normal heat range.The car cuts right out when you take off.Only starts back up next day when you jump off another car.Could my plug wires be bad.I have never heard of a car doing this.Or is the injector unit/rail gone?

2 weels ago my mechanic told me my pads were getting thin and would need to be replaced soon. The brake warning light came on last night and won't turn off. I checked my fluid, it's dirty but full. The master cylinder is full as well. I just want to know if it's still ok to drive my car and how many miles I should still have left. I'm not hard on my breaks either.

usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to get hot