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My rmps are bouncy. Cars in park kinda jerky, like the engines working hard. When I push on my breaks is sounds like it's gonna die.. My service engine soon is on. Help. I'm a college kid away from home
I'm having problems with my idler pulley bolt breaking I replaced that same bolt 3 times since buying the car in August, I replaced the tensioner and now the check engine light is on.
I know where the sensor is, on top of the trans mission! Is there a fuse for it and where is IT ? and if i disconnect the sensor what should the voltage be ?
have a 5-speed that won't go into gear if I take the full(3/4?) circle off-ramp at any more than 20 mph. I have to pull off the road, turn it off and wait, and after a few minutes it goes back into gear.The clutch is ...
Car was running good, then it starting missing on these two cylinders. I have checked plugs, wires, coil. I can spray a little shot of carb cleaner into the air cleaner and it will run better.
Only the Service engine light comes on, but nothing else. When the key is out, the service engine light stays dim. Starter does not even engage, no dome, radio, dash, hazards, NOTHING. Tried to jump it just to see and...
I've changed timing belt, spark plugs, spark plug wireset, battery, alternator, idle air control valve, gasket valve covers, cam position sensor and crank position sensor. It still throws out the p0340 code even after...
obd code is p0133. any idea on how to fix this. the o2 sensor is only a year old.
Runs fine with gas poured n intake till it burns up
in Nashville, TN because it wasn't ready. My battery died and a new one was replaced and I didn't drive much after that due to a broken ankle. I need to know how much I need to drive for all "readiness monitors" at be...
The vehicle was making the noise and it did it today I lost all power and the vehicle stalled and will not re fire. It cranks but won't fire and when I am cranking it you can here it pop a little in the tail pipe. The...
This occurs when the vehicle is warm and in gear. It does not do it in neutral or when I let off the gas while in gear.
oes a pcm run the a/c on a 2000 ford escort and would a 1997 work on a 2000