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new battery new alternator no power to lights or anything else.
replaced brake cylinder bleed lines and still pedal spongy and sometimes when applying the brakes it will go all the way to the floor, bleed the lines again still problem accrues, also the pedal is a bit lower than be...
when it is cold it runs great when it warms up it acts like the fuel pump is not working properl, so bad i had to pull off the freeway this morning and let itsit for a few mins.
Don't know if I have a blown engine or blown head gasket. When my car broke down it had lost rpms first then it blew black smoke and stopped then made a really low ticking noise then quit that then blew white smoke an...
The vehicle does not crank, no noise, not lights nothing. We have tried the battery, only two years old and charged.
My steering wheel has started to shake, what can be the cause?
When belt is off.u can grab the poer stering. Pully and pull it in and out bout quarter inch.is this normal?
Had tensinor an belt replaced14mths ago.looks like the tensioner pully is cooked out a little.do I have to replace whole tensioner again or just get a pulley for it.ivecreplaced belt tensioner. For the past 3 yrs
1st occurrence: RPMs dropped causing car to stall at a stop light 2nd occurrence (w/in 5 mins of 1st) at complete stop could not get stick to shift into 1st & RPMs dropped then car died fuse to tail/dash lights blew. ...
the car in gear makes a weird noise and shakes bad put in park it stops shaking with little noise