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1992 Escort: The gas tank leaks. Saw that in 1995 the plastic tanks cracked also. Is a warranty still available when such a recall was announced way back? It is dangerous! Otherwise, HOW DO YOU FIX Cracks that dev...
I've got a 1992 2-Door Ford Escort Gt Manual Transmission. I love this car she's great, runs great, but the ac doesn't work sadly in this weather it sux to say the least. Recharging it doesn't work so I'm thinking its...
starts and runs fine then dies and wont start. changed the fuel pump and ingintion switch. and plugs ect. please help.
I am wondering will it be the fuel filter that cause the car to surge like it is out of gas? Also are there any special tools needed and any special steps to follow?
the back doors are locked can't open from out side and in side have to hold up lock and open at the same time what could be wrong
how do i time a 1992 ford escort gt
Does the flywheel need to be changed if you get a new clutch
If your thermostat needs to be hanged how would u know for sure? Do you need to replace the housing?, And what does this mean:A/C interferes add, PS interferes add??? also "flywheel resurface(cert) mean??
had a coolant leak and went in and the replaced rad,thermostat, gasket ,does a thermostat or housing cost almost250 .and what would be overall apprx. cost of replace rad
Why is the speedometer needle erratic now? It goes from 20 to80 to50 to35 and so on. I've replaced the cluster a couple of times now and that seemed to fix the problem for a time. Will a worn speedometer cable caus...
Will you please tell me where the thermostat is located?
Could you please tell me where the thermostat is located? Thanks
the car I have is a Escort GT it knocks and rattles at the stop lights...problem is that it sat for about 6 or 7 years in rugget Michigan weather. Everything almost rusted under the hood. I've replaced transmission, ...
how much freon does it take to fill the compressor completly?mine blows cool air but not enough it has the old r12 in it still.thanks ahead of time.
what does the switch on the other side of the shifter panel go to??