On the way home the vehicle started jerking really hard and I have never had any problem with it in the past. Although I had noticed the service engine light flash on and back off in the prior weeks

Approximately one week ago I began to notice I was grinding gears when shifting, which I attributed to inattention at first, but then I noticed i was experiencing gradually increasing difficulty in shifting and gear grinding. Today, sept. 24th, the clutch went soft and shifting difficulty has increased to the point that I believe it is unsafe to drive the car.

I can't tell where it is coming from. the leak appears to be coming from above the AC vent ducting and dripping on the floor. It appears red like power steering or transmission fluid.

So I see that when the light comes on when your car is running that it is bad..I start it and it turns off in a few seconds...what does it mean when car is completely off and it turns on?

Manifold loose from the cylinder head, missing and broken bolts, and cylinder head (MAY) be stripped out. Cataylic converter rattling.

Blinker will not blink

Blinker does not blink

is it my ball joints? all tirers r new and balanced. plz help

my car wont start, its not the starter or ignition switch, battery, and or the coil. all litghs and bells work, runs fine when i push start it, but turn it off and nuthing. whats my problem???